About us

We're a family of four - Kirsty (33), James (36), M (11) and A (10)

I've always wanted to travel, I always watched holiday programmes as a kid and wanted to go everywhere.  As soon as I started earning my money went towards travel and I went Inter-railing round France and Belgium, and had various trips round Europe and Morocco.  My big goal was to work my way round the world and I started it at age 18 by getting a job in Germany.  Unfortunately I didn't get much further than there as I came home, but when I did come home I met my lovely husband James.  We always planned to travel, but we never quite got there before having kids.

James is an hgv driver at the moment and really wants to see what else is around and would just love 6 months off work!

 M is 11 at the moment and he loves cars, lego and video games.

 A is 10 and she loves animals, wildlife, lego and music.