Tuesday, 15 May 2012

11 months to go

It's been a whole month since I started to tell people about this blog and our plans to travel.  I've been overwhelmed by the support and positive comments I've had from people since we went public but I think it will take me a little longer to get used to all the questions that come with pondering such a different path.  I should be used to it of course, we home educate and in the UK that is also very much a minority path and we are often quizzed and questioned about why the kids aren't in school today.  No, I'm not very good at answering those questions either!  Talking about what we do and justifying our reasons makes me want to cower in a corner!

Online is another matter though and I am quite happy to talk away like that.  I've been getting to grips (slowly!) with Twitter and making a facebook page so we can connect with other travellers especially families who have done or are planning to do similar trips to us.  It's such a minefield and I keep doing things wrong, but I guess I'll get there!  There is a worry that I will end up spending ages just reading and browsing and reading and browsing.  You do end up finidng out cool facts though, like that Istanbul is just over 2000 miles away using google maps directions and would take us 1 day and 11 hours to get there.  Um, yes, I dunno why or how I found that one out ;o)

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  1. I met someone you know who is planning an 18 month round the world trip soon. That is requiring serious planning!


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