Thursday, 10 May 2012

Downsides to RTW blogs

Yup, you read that right, there are downsides to Round The World travel blogs!

They give you itchy feet!

Now don't get me wrong, I am really happy about our planned adventures, I can't wait to explore the Cornish beaches, Scottish islands, castles up and down the country, Stonehenge and poky little museums with exhibits on the history of this country.  I can't wait! Actually, just writing it there gets me all excited about doing it, I love this country and I feel really priviledged to be able to consider travelling round it at length and learn more about it. 

I've been reading some blogs of families on the road and loving the fact that I am not the only crazy one with ideas, these people have actually done or are doing their dreams!  I've also been reading non family blogs and getting excited as they reach their leaving dates, or visit fantastic countries.  They are reminding me of the wanderlust I used to have when I was younger, when I just wanted to visit and experience everywhere.  Latin America seems to be a common destination, perhaps because of the many North American blogs around and it's making me so curious.  I've never hankered after going there, but now?  Oh yeah!  I'd love to!  Asia has always been high on my list, but I think latin america might be catching up.   

The problem is, the world is just too big and we can't do it right now., which of course makes me want it more ;o)  I do have vague plans in my head for us to work over the winter next year after we've done our six months and to then head on down to the mediterrannean coast and explore from maybe Barcelona, through the southern French coast and then onto Italy.  We'd then explore Germany, Belgium and Holland on the way back. 

But, I'm getting a bit ahead of myself *blush*

But that's what these blogs do to you, they make you realise your dreams can be as big as you want them to be and that the world is just waiting to explore.  As I come across more blogs I'm trying to link to them at the side there ----->  I'd love to find more from British travellers though.  Any more out there?

For now I'll go back to dreaming about exploring those fab Scottish beaches on the Outer Hebrides...

Beaches in the south of the Isle of Harris, Outer Hebrides 

Or maybe even this one...

North Uist near Solas

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  1. Been to Uists and Harris beaches :-). Trouble is, you go. But then you want to return!


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