Sunday, 13 May 2012

What could have been

 Today we should have been getting ready for a trip of a lifetime.  We were supposed to be flying to Chicago to start a road trip along Route 66.

Route 66 Victorville
Unfortunately life happened and we had to cancel the trip, but my father in law and James' cousin are still flying out tomorrow.  I wasn't too bothered about it, knowing we have this fab adventure to look forward to, but James had started mentioning it wistfully the other day and today I do feel a litte sad for what could have been. 

We did have our reasons, of course, the main one being that we were worried about J's job and we felt we couldn't commit to the expense with that hanging over our heads.  I am glad that his job seems ok now, but ugh, we could have done it!

We do have a 'mini adventure' coming up soon that we decided we'd do when we were in that bleak period of not knowing what was going on.  We'll be spending our days walking on the beach, hopefully we'll go on a boat trip to see puffins and sea birds and generally chill out and escape the decluttering going on round here ;o)  Oh, and forgetting about what could have been.

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