Friday, 13 April 2012

10% woohoo!!!!

Today we have reached 10% of our savings goal as per our ticker on the side of the page.  Our rough target is £10,000 and today we went past £1000  in our savings account.  Those people who know will know this is no mean feat for us!  We are people who live each day as it comes and we are not savers at all.  We do have to be for the next year though.

(A thousand pounds?  It's not worth it.  I won't save it.  I'll go the royal mint and print my own money.  Humph!)   (Sorry I've got no head thousand pound sketch if you've never heard of it!  A daft kids programme that is a bit like marmite ;)

In order to start bumping up this total I need to be getting going on removing and selling some of the rubbish in this house.  It needs to be gone anyway for us to leave.  I'm hoping we may be able to store some of our precious things with my parents and also J's dad, but really I want this to be a few boxes not hoards!!   We've been talking with the kids lots about thinking carefully about purchases they might make as we'll need to either get rid of them or store them next year so no point buying huge teddies for example (not looking at anyone here dear daughter!)  It's making me think much more about what I bring into the house too.  But not bringing stuff in is just one side of it, I need to get stuff out!  I was thinking that what would be a good challenge is to sell 1000 things.  In my head this sounds great, 1000 things at say an average of £1 each (my house if full of crud!!) is another £1000.  But then I realised I'd need to sell 100 things a month for the next 10 months - arrrrghhh!  Doesn't sound quite so doable now!  Anyway, I made a start listing some things on a home ed list and hopefully will sell some things there and I stuck a grand total of 3 things on ebay.  Ugh I hate selling on ebay!!!  Needs must though :)


  1. Yay, yay, yay to a thousand pounds! Think of the things you can buy - two delicious gripes, chicken fudge....

    Seriously though, well done, that is a fab achievement :). 100 things a month, 3 a day.... possible :) Particularly if you average it and sell several 100 things at a car boot sale in one go. I hate ebay too, it was not where most of our selling happened. We did two car boot sales, some local free ad paper selling and then creative stuff like an open house book sale (stuff that I'd not managed to offload via amazon marketplace). Kids downsizing and not buying anything else was def the hardest part of our declutter and fund raising but keeping the end goal in sight helped to focus.

  2. Am in awe of your dedication to this!


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